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About Us

Automated Energy Inc. (AEI) is dedicated to empowering energy consumers with relevant and timely information needed to make smart energy decisions. Founded in 1999, in Oklahoma City, AEI serves utility companies, municipalities, building management companies as well as small commercial and big-box retailers, and commercial industrial businesses across the U.S.


If you are an energy consumer, we can help you. Energy is a finite resource and our team is passionate about conserving resources by saving energy and reducing costs.


Automated Energy Inc. is based in Oklahoma City. With a centralized location and web-based services, the team is able to monitor energy consumptions for clients across all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Led by company president Cody Graves, Automated Energy Inc. empowers consumers to make smart energy decisions through collecting metered data, cost and consumption comparisons, bill estimation and more.

  • Cody Graves, President

    Cody Graves is President of Automated Energy, Inc., a leading provider of digital energy information services and customer engagement tools for businesses and utilities. Read more.
    Office: 405.601.7500
    Cell: 405.210.8173

  • Jeff Godwin, Vice President, Customer Operations

    Jeff is responsible for all things customer-related, from managing our developers to making sure all of our applications are running smoothly.
    Office: 405.601.7500
    Cell: 405.205.8043

  • Paul Jarvis, Vice President, Networks

    Paul is responsible for the flow of data from every meter into our internal systems and then into each of the Automated Energy, Inc. applications.
    Office: 405.601.7500
    Cell: 405.245.3197

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If you’re ready to unlock the value of your energy meter data to start making effective, data-based decisions, send us a message and a member of our team will reach out to you.